Colorblind test

Base on the color pallet that was propose…

I did a CMYK Xylphone Test the aim of this is to see if the colors are more distinguishable from each otherĀ Through Vischeck


As you can see the red and green colors from the original image appear to have similar shades of brown. The adjusted color palette shows that Red and Green is more distinguishable compared to the original image


Base on survey, red and green color blindness is the most common type of color blindness. Red-green color blindness is a combination of red-blindness (protan defects) and green-blindness(deutan defects). Two softwares are used to implement the following results .



I used color brewer is an application that allows one to design a color blind friendly map therefore it has a series of color choices with the option of “color blind” safe. Vischeck is to visualize how a colorblind person sees.

Testing for red and green color blindness…

Black text are used

Base on my observation, I can conclude that

Colors: White, Blue, brown, yellow have a closer resemblance to the original image.
Black and White will always be the safest.

Red/Green or any color that contain shades of red/green will make it difficult for color blind person to differentiate.