Title of Study: Synesthetic experiences for color blind consumers in retail experiences.

Research Statement:

The purpose of my study is to enhance the understanding of both color in packaging and allowing synesthetic experiences that will affect the colorblind person abilities to shop capably and effectively. Color blindness has both little and extreme effects on a persons life. The most extreme of this would be inability to shop in any situation that used color-coding for specific tasks. It is likely that colorblind consumers are unable to process some or all aspects of visual color information, potentially increasing their vulnerability in the marketplace. Colorblind persons are at a disadvantage in exchange relationships where their performance is related to see, to recognize and differentiate among colors. Color cues simply may not be processed and interpreted as intended. My justification for proposing this research is that while they cannot perceive certain colors, Synesthesia allows them to gain a deeper understanding among colors that they can see, and those they cannot see, they will be able to interpret information, colors appropriately and use products carefully to their advantage. Color blind person want to know what a color is, how to tell if something has a positive or negative impact to them. Therefore, it has led to my research questions:” How will synesthetic experiences enhances a color blind consumer’s activity?”,” How will incorporating other forms of “senses” affect their perception of color as well as emotionally?, “Will synesthetic experiences helps them to make better decisions when dealing with products that uses color-coding for specific tasks?, “In what ways will design improve the accessibility of color coding products to color blind consumers?


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