Color blind color test

Base on survey, red and green color blindness is the most common type of color blindness. Red-green color blindness is a combination of red-blindness (protan defects) and green-blindness(deutan defects). Two softwares are used to implement the following results .



I used color brewer is an application that allows one to design a color blind friendly map therefore it has a series of color choices with the option of “color blind” safe. Vischeck is to visualize how a colorblind person sees.

Testing for red and green color blindness…

Black text are used

Base on my observation, I can conclude that

Colors: White, Blue, brown, yellow have a closer resemblance to the original image.
Black and White will always be the safest.

Red/Green or any color that contain shades of red/green will make it difficult for color blind person to differentiate.


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