Sound Cloud

The SOUND CLOUD is a speaker with a light emitting glass. The speaker works with a sound module attached to the glass surface. The module vibrates the glass surface and creates high quality sound. The glass panel consists of 3 layers of glass, which makes the sound even deeper. A glass fitted in the middle is a light emitting glass called “LED in Glass”, invented by QUANTUM GLASS. LED bars are fitted around the edge of the glass to direct light beams through the edge of the extra clear glass sheet, which is refracted out of the front side by white enamel screen print. I tried to create a thin layer of cloud using millions of tiny dots of light. It visually should float in the air. So, it gradually disappears near the ground.

The sound is designed by the French based Sound designer, Gling-Glang. My request to the sound designer was that visitors should be able to feel the sculptural construction of the music by walking through the glass panels. They should be able to hear the sound move from one to another, jumping back and forth and echoing from the panels.Furthermore, when all the connected speakers
work simultaneously the sound wave hit is an incredible feeling.


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