Using Visual metaphors to improve learning

While reading into research papers about synaesthesia, something came to my mind and I realized it can be helpful to people especially when it comes to learning.

In learning theory it is proposed that learning processes can be supported by using different modalities: Something only heard is not stored that easy as when it is seen, too (Ormrod, 2008). synaesthesia provides this opportunity: several senses are activated at the same time. Synaesthetes do not only perceive historic dates like 1492 as a number. Trough the vivid nature of synaesthesia they also can perceive colors, genders or personalities as additional information. They automatically make several kinds of facts meaningful (Smilek & Dixon, 2008).

One example is the equation 4 * 6 = 24: this mathematical term it could be perceive as the ‘story of the 4 who was obligated to marry 6’. These personifications were elicited involuntary. It supported people with dealing with numbers. Adding meaning to information and rely it onto prior knowledge is an aid in learning processes. Synaesthetic perception exactly does that, one only has to be aware of it.

My target audience could be people who have just begin taking piano lessons. The project could provide a growing resource of piano rolls/sheets for these beginners in a different manner such that it improves the learning process.


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