Some updates…

Stemming from the idea of cross sensory “hearing” in Synaesthesia, 7 solfege syllabus is used as the foundation of this project “Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti”.
Synaesthetic descriptions are common in everyday speech: for example, wine can be described as being “dry”, “smooth”, color as “warm” or “cool”, a taste as “sharp” or “hot”. But how can we give a particular sound shape? What color should that sound be? What does a particular shape sound like”. The concept of simultaneous transference between sense modalities can be applied across the sensory scale.

Some changes to my objective:
– Raise awareness of the condition and relay the experiences of color grapheme Synaesthesia
-Visualizing musical key notes by pursuing experiments with other human senses (touch/smell and sight)
-To provide a space for sound enthusiasts/artists/designers to discover their amazing sensory perception through sensorial experience

Summary of the project:

My project is about branding an experience, involving people to participate in a synesthetic process of sensory perception through “making” an artwork (Example: Giving people a piece of handmade scroll with textured and scent asking them to punch holes as to what they feel it should sound like). The idea of layering different “senses” on paper relates to the “fusion of senses”. These finish artworks are photographed and translated into other mediums such as a  publication and an interactive website.

The outcome will be a piece of textured artwork(scrolled), that eventually reflects on the experience of cross-sensory ( Translating sounds into touch/smell/sight).

Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti will each have the following features

– Sight,Colors(Most important senses)
– Touch/Smell
Sight(Colors + Shapes) x Touch(Texture) x Smell 

I will be carrying out color, texture and smell tests for Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti


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