The importance of Biodiversity Education

Even in the 21st century, the general level of awareness on biodiversity and the issue of species loss remain largely unknown or misunderstood. Raising general awareness on biodiversity, extinction of species and the need for conservation is absolutely necessary if significant results in limiting the impacts are to be achieved.

We cannot protect what we do not know about

The best way to achieve this goal would be to make biodiversity awareness a compulsory topic within the mainstream educational system of nations and/or to intensify biodiversity awareness at the government, corporate and individual level.

If more people become aware of the issues, changes will start to happen. The more people become aware of the issues surrounding biodiversity and the importance of conservation, the more general awareness and the understanding of a need for action will spread. Such principle of “snow-ball effect” can be very effective in spreading awareness and making significant changes in a relatively small amount of time.

Only a few key principles need to be widely communicated and understood:

  • The meaning of biodiversity and our incredible (and irreplaceable) heritage
  • That species contain an incredible amount of knowledge which can greatly benefit humans (medicines, technology/innovation, general knowledge…)
  • Species are becoming extinct at alarming rates and once extinct they have forever disappeared from the surface of the Earth
  • We need other species to survive
  • Understand what the pressures and predictions are

We need to protect the diversity of species on Earth at all costs as it is the planet greatest resource

Therefore, conservation of species, raising awareness through “sensory” approach (Synaesthesia). It allows them to appreciate the beauty of these species.


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