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Recently, I thought about how Synesthesia can enhance human perspectives and experiences . The first thing that struck me was the word “Tourism” . There are many different facades of Tourism, example are Places of Interest whether is it a heritage or a popular destination. The idea of biodiversity also plays a part in Tourism. I was intrigued by lost places and extinction of species.

Here’s a summary

Final Year Project : Synesthesia in Visual Culture and  Ecotourism
From postcards and paintings to photography and film, tourism and visual culture have a long-standing history of mutual entanglement. For centuries art has inspired many an intrepid traveller, and tourism provides an insatiable market for indigenous art, authentic or otherwise. Why are we so intrigued by lost places, such as Tutankhamun’s tomb or Machu Picchu, South Americas lost city of the Incas? What is the relationship between art, tourism and landscape preference? How can we use the idea of “Synesthesia” as an art technique to diversify human experiences  and gain additional insights on sensitive environments.

This project contrasts visual ways of understanding the endangered species within an environment with more embodied experiences of the region. In particular, it explores the role of human senses in how visitors experience it through the twentieth century and considers how visitors have known this landscape as place and space. It also considers how a certain diminished sense of awareness/ point of contact can lead to a loss of place in contemporary tourist experiences.The idea was to raise awareness of conservation as a rule not an exception, and also to preserve for posterity the unique features of animals which may not be around for much longer.

Medium: Mix Media


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